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About Nadere

I’m a freelance photographer based in Newport News, Virginia with more than twenty years of clicking the shutter with a purpose. My approach to photography is seeing it as a visual language. Utilizing photography, I tell stories that depict the intimacy and joy of wedding ceremonies, the cross cultural truths in travel photography and amazing diversity of family and community. Using the latest in technology to reproduce my eyes’ unique perspective, my photography is often described as an expression of art. I’m best known for a combination of unscripted moments, and a passion for creative post production that bridges the world of photojournalistic purity and cinematic flair.

I work hard to provide you with the absolute best product. I will respect your time and investment, please respect mine. All photographs created by Nadere are protected by federal copyright laws. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs in any manner without the written consent of Nadere, regardless of whether you purchase a traditional print or digital (CD/DVD) collection, copyright remains with Nadere.